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Mint & Coriander Raita

Created by Great Food

Indian pakoras and bhajis are traditionally served with a yoghurt-based dip at mealtimes, so here’s our recipe for a quick and simple raita for our Great Food bites. Pop cocktail sticks into our sweet potato pakoras, spoon the raita into ramekins and let the dipping commence!


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A large handful of fresh mint leaves

A large handful of fresh coriander - you can use the stalks but try to get mostly leaves

200ml Greek yoghurt

Juice of half a lime

A tsp of grated ginger root (optional)

2 tsp honey

Salt and pepper


Serves: 4 | Prep. time: 10m | Cooking time: 0m | Difficulty: Easy

1. Wash the herbs. Shake them dry and whizz them in a food processor until very finely chopped.

2. Add the yoghurt, lime, ginger and honey and mix again.

3. Season to taste. Serve chilled.