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Our Story

Great Food is a celebration of vegetables in a range of totally delicious bites, snacks and meals.

Our founder’s vision was a ‘clean eat’, so he scoured the world for an alternative cooking method and commissioned special ovens which steam-bake, making the most of delicious vegetables, herbs and spices.

So finally, here’s a delicious range of food that everyone can enjoy. And since each mouthful is crammed with taste and texture, meat-eaters will enjoy them too.


tasteless is history

Great Food is for everyone who wants to be braver with flavour. We call you Flavourtarians!™

After all, we’ve discovered that all the taste, bite and satisfaction you’re after is locked up in tasty, crunchy vegetables and herbs and spices. So all we have to do is blend and bake.

Sit down to a plateful, pile up for a party, or grab a pack on-the-go and in one bite you’ll know:


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Our Founder

Richard Loebenberg

Richard Loebenberg

Meet our foodie founder, Richard Loebenberg.

At the start of his gourmet career, Richard was fortunate to work with top chefs, like Albert Roux, who took him to the finest restaurants and manufacturers of gourmet food across the Continent.

From 1996, following a brush with serious illness, he realised healthy eating was the only way forward. Richard wanted something healthy, tasty and natural that literally everyone could share and enjoy. Great Food is the result!